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Report for Session: Coworkers

Your feedback session opened on April 1, 2009 and closed on April 8, 2009. During that time period 8 people completed the questionnaire for you.

For each of the sections contained in this report, feedback was obtained by asking participant to choose from a list of adjectives. The "forced choice" method* required raters to place adjectives into a finite number of "Good Description" or "Best Description" placeholders. The remaining adjectives were left in the "Not Selected" placeholders.

Team Feedback Section This section displays a summary of the ratings from your feedback team. Adjectives are display in ascending order from "not selected" to "best description".
Self-Team Comparison Section This section displays a comparison between your self-ratings and the ratings of your feedback team.
Session by Session This section displays a side-by-side comparision between two of your feedback sessions.

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Career Interest Report -- Self This section displays a career interest profile based on your Self-Ratings.
Career Interest Report -- Team This section displays a career interest profile based on your Feedback Team's Ratings.

*This method is the most appropriate method to get feedback from raters who may be uncomfortable providing either positive or negative ratings. Alternative methods often result in all positive ratings or non-participation. While the method selected is the most appropriate for this purpose, it only shows the relative relationship between descriptors, but not the absolute level.